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Welcome to the Descent Network!

The ones that brought you,,,,, and!

The Descent Network hosts the biggest websites for Descent-related information and download since mid of 97. Since mid of 1998 we are extending our web to cover all other games released or about-to-be released by Volition, Inc. and Outrage Entertainment. This URL,, is there to combine the sites and to serve as a gateway to the Descent Network sites, as well as offering shared resources.

What makes our network different to others like GameSpy networks (Planet***), Telefragged, GameStats, etc., is that our servers are not in the "standard" scheme of how a gaming site looks today, like an all-covering news page on front, and then the standard "program" like editorials, interviews, etc. etc. Nope, from the beginning we were always trying to bring you a resource site, with all files, etc. That's why our news page for example does not cover general news like "XXX reviewed YYY there and there" and "ZZZ released this and that, visit him there" and "AAA searches for BBB for his site", but only news on DNet websites, like our own tool releases, news and changes on our webpages (like new tools/patches/trailers/levels/... being added), etc. The only exception is If you were searching for a general news site, you are probably wrong here. The "Quick Links" on the lower left of this page however should help you finding such a page quickly :).

We hope you feel comfortable on our sites and find what you were searching. We are of course always open for any questions, suggestions and of course general feedback, however the reply might need a few days, since we are always very busy with running projects. See "Contact DNet" on the left for information on how to reach us!




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Everything taken from the Descent, FreeSpace, Red Faction and Summoner series games are
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