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The Descent Network Team was founded mid 1996 and reached the internet late '96. We are a bunch of friends working together to produce programs and other add-ons for our loved games Descent and FreeSpace. We are doing this primary to have fun and secondary to have a field to learn in the practise. You see, if you want to become a good programmer who later maybe wants to code in the industry, you have to practise and in order to practise you need a job to do. You can't just sit down and say "I want to learn coding C++", you have to set yourself a goal and do end-user-applications to learn it, because its not all about theoretics. Same applies to graphics, you can't plan to work as a graphics man somewhere later if you never produced something. And there is not only the learning effect, but also the possibility to provide samples for your applications later. Noone will hire a graphician before seeing samples. If you did render something cool for and together with DNet, you can later use that as a sample.

Note: We are no clan and never intended to be one. We don't search people who only play the game. Those people should look for one of the other clans out there in the world, there are plenty and there are a lot of cool ones with great players.


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