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Released Levels

Here is a complete listing of our released levels.  Note that all of these are designed and available for Descent 2.  In most cases, you'll want to save these files to your Descent 2 missions directory (i.e. c:\games\descent2\missions).  You may then execute or unzip them, depending on the file type.

Descent 2 Single Player Campaigns

TCG is an essential component in a bio-toxin which another supposed organization creates. The PTMC has stolen this chemical and stored it in 14 facilities and another 15th mine housing a main computer, which stores the data for creating the bio-toxin. You are ordered to destroy all 15 facilities.

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Encounter at Farpoint 2: Dimensions Encounter at Farpoint 2: Dimensions
The greatest D2 mission yet featuring 10 titanic levels, more than 50 new polymodels, incredible raytaced briefing backgrounds, and professional MIDI music. EAF2 is Ellusion Design's first mission.

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Descent 2 Multiplayer Levels
montage.jpg (4116 bytes) Montage
This level might require a fast computer.  This level has a big main room with four branching hallways.
insurrection.jpg (4212 bytes) Insurrection
If you haven't played a good anarchy level in awhile look no farther.   Insurrection sports some nice architecture, and a nice layout.
decade.jpg (4394 bytes) Decade
Make sure you check out this level.  It has all the normal anarchy stuff, but it is no ordinary anarchy level.  It is an arcitectual anarchy level, so It might be a little harder to play, but hey it looks great!   This level also contains a custom music track by the man Bjorn Lynne.

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