Descent Network FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • Why do you use EXE files instead of those super-cool small ZIP files?
    We use RAR technology instead of ZIP compressing to give you up to 63% (*) smaller downloads. (*)=The D1Source is a 1.5 MB RAR compared to a 2.4 ZIP, both with maximum compression. For easier unpacking and installation most of them are uploaded as EXE files. Most of them have internal RAR scripts to give the user further information, where the files have to be installed, ask for the path to be installed to and even start further installation programs automatically. Note that this service is both there for DOS and Win32 programs, unlike what the known WinZIP Self-extracting maker tool offers.

  • But what about viruses?
    If you fear viruses in one of the EXE files, you don't need to worry. We test all uploads with three independant uptodate virus scanners before uploading them. Plus, since we work 99% of our times under Windows NT, there are only very few viruses that might be present in memory anyway. So the chance is extremely low that any of our files ever are infected with any virus. If you still have doubts, there is a way to manually extract these files without the EXE stub of the download to be started. With all RAR extractor tools you can open SFX RAR files without any problem and without the actual EXE part to be started. This includes: RAR/DOS, WinRAR, RAR for Unix/Solaris/Linux/..., unRAR for Macintosh.

  • But the EXE files are for DOS/Win systems. How do I extract them on my Linux/Unix/Macintosh/... system?
    Get the RAR tool for your operating system and open the EXE with that and then just extract the files into the dir you want it to. To get RAR for your system, click here!

  • What is DNet and what are we doing?
    Read about our objectives.

  • How can I join DNet?
    We get a lot of eMails and requests these days how people can join DNet. Most of them seem to misunderstand what DNet is. Read about our objectives first to understand what DNet is and what we do. , if you are interested in joining us. Now, if you are still interested, think of what you can do for DNet, and not what we can do for you. This means: what exactly do you want to do in DNet to show your creativity and to make cool Descent or FreeSpace related products and add-ons. Now collect some stuff you made as samples and send them over in a mail with a description who you are and what you want to do. The samples should show how good you are in that specific job. E.g. if you are interested in coding programs send in a few samples of your programs you did. These don't necessarily have to be related to Descent or FreeSpace. They should more show what you are specialized to, e.g. OpenGL programming, user interface programming with MFC or whatever.

  • What kind of people do we search for DNet?
    People who like to cooperate. This is the main point in DNet. We don't need 10 professional, absolutely-perfect persons, that however don't want to share ideas or all want to do their own stuff. We want people that do something together. Yes, you will be able to do own projects after some while. For example, if you joined DNet to help us out finishing a program, you can later set up one program project on your own. There is nothing wrong with bringing and realizing own ideas in DNet. But there is a time for everything :)... So the main thing we want are people that are willed to chat and talk. Exchange information, ideas, help each other out, etc. As far as what kind of people we search, we search mainly programmers and graphicians. We don't need web designers, since our pages have their designs and we don't intend to change them (yes, we know, some people think the web design sucks, but this will always be the case, no matter what design we take, simply because everyone has a different taste). We also don't search level designers, because DNet has moved all level stuff to Ellusion Design, an affiltration of DNet. Just apply to them if you want to do level design in a big group, their URL is

  • What kind of coders do we search?
    We are about to move more and more to the Visual C++ world. A lot of our previous programs were written in Visual Basic, but the big downloads make us more and more want to go to VC++. So we primary search people who have Visual C++ (6 prefered) and have MFC knowledge. There is nothing wrong with other programming languages like Delphi or whatever, but when we do want to share code, it has obviously to be the same programming language.

  • What kind of graphicians do we search?
    We have a lot of graphicians on the team already, more than we actually need to make end-user-pics. So we more search modellers now. People who model robots, ships, etc. of Descent and FreeSpace to be used in other pics. Unlike the programmers area you can quite swap models between programs in the graphics area (compared to swap code of two different programming language), so you can practically use whatever you want and you are used to, as long as it can export to some exchange format like *.3DS. Good programs we can recommend are programs like 3D Studio MAX and Maya. Both are very expensive, but for students there are very cheap versions available, and if you plan to work in the graphics area later, you have to learn at least one of these programs anyway.

  • How much is a DNet member tied to DNet?
    If you joined DNet, not everything you do must be signed with "DNet", but of course we ask you to show from your site that you are a DNet member, by doing projects signed with DNet in the Copyright. There is nothing wrong to work for other people, cooperate in other (non-DNet) projects, as long as you also work in DNet-projects and sign them as being a DNet project. It is also very appreciated to call yourself a DNet member in the credits of any outside project you take part, e.g. "Additional Graphics: Markus Mueller from the Descent Network Team". In general it should look like this: We should be proud of having you in the DNet team for doing great stuff and being a great guy/girl, and in return you should also be proud to be part of DNet.


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