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5/15/02, 17:53 PST: Red Faction 2 trailer released - Posted by HH

The Trailer for Red Faction 2 has been released. Get it now in AVI format as a ~17MB download (compared to a ~19MB download on other sites with same quality) and have a look how the story continues :)...

Get the Red Faction 2 Trailer

4/26/02, 16:50 PST: FreeSpace 2 source code download - Posted by HH

Here is the FreeSpace 2 source code, as a 2.7 MB download (smaller than the usual 3.9 MB download found on other sites, however having the same content - the size difference is the quality difference between the ZIP packing algorithm and the RAR packing algorithm). Without further words, here ya go :)...

Get the FreeSpace 2 source code

4/22/02, 15:45 PST: Summoner 2 Trailer released - Posted by HH

The trailer for Summoner 2 was released in two quality versions. Get it now!

Get the Summoner 2 Trailer

3/02/02, 19:14 PST: ANIBUILDER32 and other Descent Manager news - Posted by HH

I have released a fix for Descent Manager ANIBUILDER32, the ANI file builder for FreeSpace 1/2 MOD developers, for a bug that might generate frames with corrupt colors. If you are a FreeSpace 1/2 MOD develop, you should get the new version, since even the original ACANI command-line utility by Volition, Inc. has this bug and still remains unfixed there. Thanks for Matthew "cptwhite" White for notifying me of this problem in ANIBUILDER32 Beta 01.

Get Descent Manager ANIBUILDER32 Beta 02
Get information about the fixed bug

Also, on a side note, all modules from Descent Manager REDFACTION KIT are also now available as seperate module downloads. So in case you do not want the whole kit (which I have no idea why you don't want to ;) ) you can get the uptodate versions of VPVIEW32, VBMVIEW32, VPPBUILDER32 and for the first time also RFLAUNCH32 seperately.

Get Descent Manager VPPBUILDER32
Get Descent Manager VPVIEW32
Get Descent Manager VBMVIEW32
Get Descent Manager RFLAUNCH32

2/11/02, 18:16 PST: Descent Manager REDFACTION KIT Beta 01 released - Posted by HH

Descent Manager REDFACTION KIT combines all important tools for Red Faction players and level/MOD makers in one package:

Create and Edit .VPP files with the famous VPPBUILDER32; browse, view and play content of .VPPs without extracting any files with VPVIEW32; play VBM animations with VBMVIEW32; launch Red Faction levels and MODs easily or even create shortcuts to do this task for your favorite levels and MODs with the new RFLAUNCH32; and finally when you double-click a .VPP file in Explorer you will get a selection dialog what to do with it: play, view in VPVIEW32 or edit in VPPBUILDER32.

All these features are connected to each other: with only few mouse clicks you will open a .VPP you have selected in RFLAUNCH32 in either VPVIEW32 for browsing or in VPPBUILDER32 for editing. Wondering how a texture in a .VPP you have opened in VPPBUILDER32 looks like? A mouse clicks opens the .VPP in VPVIEW32 with your texture already selected for preview. You name it...

REDFACTION KIT Beta 01 packages updated versions of VPPBUILDER32, VPVIEW32 and VBMVIEW32, which are not yet available as stand-alone downloads (they will be added soon however), as well as an all new module RFLAUNCH32 (also soon available as stand-alone download).

A must have for any Red Faction fan. (Note: As a Summoner freak this package is also for you, since all modules except RFLAUNCH32 are fully compatible with Summoner 1)

Get REDFACTION KIT Beta 01 now

1/13/02, 14:17 PST: Descent Manager VPPBUILDER32 Beta 01d released - Posted by HH

With the new version you can directly jump into VPVIEW32 to "browse" the files of the currently loaded .VPP (viewing images and animations as well as hearing sounds without the need to extract files). Also an uninstaller is finally added.

Get Descent Manager VPPBUILDER32

12/09/01, 14:39 PST: Happy Birthday to ourselves! - Posted by HH

So here celebrate our 5th birthday (on 12/09/96 we released the first version of our Descent Manager) and so are to my knowledge the oldest still existing and active (well not as active as 3 years ago, but hey we are not dead :) ) Descent group of our size. You'll hardly find any other group or person with that history DNet has and you'll hardly find such a big Descent-based website on the net with about 2,5 GB of data, especially of this age.

So, lets start the party... (c:

11/05/01, 16:44 PST: Posted "Project Mars" Weapon Editor - Posted by HH

Posted a RF Weapon Editor called "Project Mars" by Matt. Please make sure you read the README.TXT after installing to know how to use it.

Go to Red Faction Tools page

11/04/01, 06:18 PST: Red Faction Cheat Codes - Posted by HH

Posted the Red Faction Cheat Codes (of course available in Single Player mode only). Have fun (c: ...

Jump to Red Faction Cheat Codes

10/27/01, 17:29 PST: VBM file tool and file specs for Red Faction/Summoner - Posted by HH

I have hacked out the VBM file format used in Red Faction and Summoner. VBM files contain animations or just plain bitmaps (=only 1 frame) and has the support for so-called "mipmaps" (multiple detail levels per frame). It is primary used for effect textures in those games, like magic spells in Summoner, gun bullet effects in Red Faction and water in both games. The file format is very easy, so check out the specs :).

Additionally I have written a small utility called Descent Manager VBMVIEW32 to view VBM files and also added a VBM auto-preview to the newest version of Descent Manager VPVIEW32 V2.0, with which you can view VBM animations inside the VPP archives. (BTW, you can create own VBM files using the MakeVBM tool in the RFToolkit).

View VBM file specs
Get Descent Manager VBMVIEW32 Beta 01 to view plain VBM files
Get Descent Manager VPVIEW32 V2.0 Beta 04 to view VBM files inside VPP archives
Get RFToolkit to generate own VBM files



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