Our Objective

Things you will see from us:

  • A great set of cool tools for your favorite games.
  • A large collection of files related to your favorite game.
  • Support for the games.
  • A lot of other cool projects...

Things you will NOT see from us:

  • A general Descent/FreeSpace news site (there are enough others).
  • A discussion board (UBB) (there are enough others).
...general everything that someone else already offers... Nobody needs 10 cooks for one small kitchen. Many others offer news sites or UBBs just because it is in fashion and they liked what they have seen on other sites. That noone will be interested for this service unless its really special does not matter for them at first... little later they realize it and close it, which means it was all a waste of time. So if you open a new site, please try to offer something special, and not just what other 100 sites offer already since months... you just won't receive any attention and you don't like to waste the time for nothing, right? This is my tip for ya :)...


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